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Beetroot Kvass

Beetroot Kvass is a wild fermented health tonic handcrafted here in Newcastle NSW at our very own 'Kvassaria'.

Our Beetroot Kvass is made with Australian certified organic beetroot, filtered water, pure Australian inland salt and wild live cultures.
This lightly sparkling beverage is best enjoyed daily for optimal results.

Kvass harnesses the extensive nutritional arsenal of beetroot through the traditional process of lactic acid fermentation increasing the bio-availablity of these nutrients to your body.

Beetroot Kvass has been consumed extensively in Europe for centuries in folk medicine practices, as a tonic, as well as for sheer enjoyment. The phyto-nutrients and betalins in Beetroot help maintain proper cellular function and has been used as a treatment for cancer and cancer prevention. It's chelating properties help to detoxify the body while supporting the liver and kidneys.

Beetroot Kvass is an excellent source of sodium, potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, Vitamins A, B, C, K and folate as well as antioxidants, nitrates and probiotics.

Beetroot Kvass is Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free and delicious.

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Cultured SeasonalVegetables

We work closely with local farmers to bring you seasonal, locally grown crops that we lovingly turn into small batch ferments.

Hand crafted, traditionally made
proper pickles, kimchi's and sauerkrauts.

These jars are brimming with gut loving bacteria to make you feel amazing and restore balance and health to your body and .
Enjoy served alongside meals, in salads, part of a cheeseboard or as a snack.

Raw, Vegan, GF,
Wild live Cultures

Serve and store chilled.

Gut Shots

Our gut shots are designed to keep you thriving,
restore balance and add natural probiotics to your body.
Made with wild live cultures our shots are Raw, Vegan, GF
and delicious.

KIMCHI - Great for boosting the immune system and curbing colds and flu's, take straight up or sprinkle on meats, veggies, eggs or even make a unique bloody mary.
PICKLE JUICE - Revitalising, soothing and immune boosting, take straight or add dash to your water or salad dressing for a little zing.
KVASS - Energising, use for pre workout shots (30mins prior), hangover helper, or daily for vitality or as a liver and kidney tonic.
KRAUT - High in magnesium so this little shot is perfect for leg cramps and post exercise recovery, take straight or add to salad dressings.

Shake them and take them.

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