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Fermented Chilli/Hot Sauce

So my brother really likes chilli, I mean really loves chilli so I had been playing around trying to make something that is up his alley when this recipe was born. One of the ways I show love is through food and this was made for him, pity he lives overseas and couldn't actually try it until he came to visit. When he did, it got the thumbs up for flavour but when it comes to heat, well I don't think I could buy chillies hot enough for his taste buds.

Since then this recipe has been put into my ferMENtation classes, a class that revolves around cultured mustard, hot sauce and Beer ;-)

Now I feel I need a warning attached to this recipe and it really can pack a punch depending on which chillies you use, I was gifted a mixed bag of chillies first time I made this and wow it lives up to its name.

You can vary the heat level but using different chillies and adding things like apple and onion to cut through the heat as well. It's great to keep each variety seperate so you can really taste the flavour of the chillies that you are using.

Also, just a tip Green chillies make green sauce, red chillies make red sauce but if you mix green and red you'll get Brown sauce.


1L jar

500g chillies 3-10 cloves garlic 1 onion 4% brine to cover Optional extras ginger cloves capsicum onion peppercorns bayleaf



Wash and de stem your chillies, you may wish to be wearing gloves for this part. You can leave your chillies whole or cut them up for a faster ferment. Pop the chillies in a 1L jar. Add the garlic, bay, peppercorns and any additional ingredients you wish to.

Adding ingredients like apple, capscicum and onion will make your end sauce sweeter. Sticking to mainly chillies with a bit of garlic and onion or ginger will end in a nice spicy sauce. Cover in a 4% brine, leaving a 3 cm gap at the top for expansion.

Weigh it down so all the ingredients are submerged.

I generally use cabbage leaves for this job as I tend to always have cabbage on hand. Close the lid and leave to ferment on your bench or in a cupboard for 2 weeks-3 months.

The longer it ferments the more mellow the sauce will be.

For whole fermented chillies - ferment the jar for 2-4 weeks then move the whole jar to the fridge. Enjoy the chillies next to your next cheese platter, to kick your dishes up a knotch or blended through mayo for an unforgettable burger.

To make a sauce, strain the liquid off, reserving 1 cup of it in case you need it. At this stage you can actually add some extra ingredients like fresh chipotle chillies, sundried tomatoes or fresh garlic for a different dimesion. A dash of ACV can also be added if you want to add more punch to the sour flavour

Bottle into small bottles and leave on your bench for 2 days before refrigerating.

This will keep for 6-12 months in your fridge.

Happy Fermenting



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