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Kvass Jellies

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Kvass is a powerful probiotic, made from fermenting an infusion of Organic beetroot in water and salt. the result is a sour, earthy tonic. Beetroot Kvass is designed to be drunk daily, to support your cellular health, allow toxins to be removed, cleanse your liver and Kidneys, increase your energy levels, support your immune system, stabilise your hormones and your mood.

Beetroot Kvass has

Vitamins A, B, C & K

Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Folate, Copper, Sodium,

Probiotics for Gut Health and immune support

Nitrates for athletic endurance and recovery

Antioxidants called Betalins

No Sugar

No Gluten

Kvass is great for the whole family but sometimes 'sour' is a new flavour profile for little ones to wrap their head and taste buds around, especially in western diets.

Making Kvass jellies is a great way to introduce Kvass and, if making with gelatin, you get the added bonus of those gut soothing properties.

Beetroot Kvass.

Available online or via one of our many stockists.

Kvass Jellies Recipe


  • 50g (2TBS) Grass Fed Gelatin

  • 150mls Apple juice to bloom

  • 250mls Beetroot Kvass

  • 50g (2 TBS) Raw Honey (for babies is older than 1yr)

  • 50g (2TBS) boiling water

  • small silicon moulds for setting/shaping

Method In a small saucepan, bloom gelatin in 150g of Apple juice by sprinkling the gelatin over the juice, Set aside for 2 mins. Add 2 TBS of boiling water to your raw honey (if using) to dissolve/thin out, add this to your apple juice mix. On your stove top, using the lowest heat, really gently heat and stir the bloomed gelatin and Honey mix. As soon as it’s melted (approx 1min) Removed instantly. DO NOT BOIL. Leave to cool for 5-10mins. Add the 250mls of cold kvass. Stir together gently. Pour into desired moulds, you can use silicon muffin trays if you like Set in fridge for approx 2 hours. For older children (above 1) you can swap out the apple juice for extra kvass and add in the honey for sweetness. You do heat it a little but just gently to dissolve the gelatin, approx 45/50 degrees. My 3 boys like the straight kvass and honey mix the best.



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