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Turmeric Pickled Eggs

Turmeric Eggs

Pickled eggs!

I never had these growing up but apparently they are a big thing in some parts of the world. This is a pickle, not a ferment, "what" I hear you say, I know, but the sweetness of the pickle balances the sour of the vinegar and both carry the earthiness of the turmeric so it all works, you'll just ha

Turmeric is such a fabulous colour and adds an earthy flavour to food as well as staining everything including the kitchen bench, remember a little goes a long way so don't overdo it.

Eat these guys straight out of the fridge or as a jewel a top a purple cabbage salad or sprinkle through a vibrant green Kale salad.


Turmeric Pickled Eggs

dinosaur eggs

This is a vinegar pickle so it's not fermented but eggs are a great source of protein and Turmeric has some really fantastic anti inflammatory properties so it's still got a lot of good going for it. Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties are activated by heating it as well as adding pepper (which increases it by 200%) so make sure you don't skip on the pepper. Ingredients

  • 8-12 pasture raised or organic eggs (older eggs work best)

  • pinch of bicarb soda

  • 2 cups apple cider vinegar

  • 1 cup sugar *

  • 3/4 cup water

  • 1 bay leaf

  • 3 cardamon pods

  • 5 peppercorns

  • 2 cm fresh yellow turmeric root, finely grated

Method In a small saucepan add the vinegar, sugar, water, bay leaf, cardamon pods, peppercorns and turmeric. Heat and stir the mixture on medium heat, to meld all the flavours and dissolve the sugar. Once all the sugar has dissolved allow the mix to cool completely in the pan.

Meanwhile, gently boil the whole eggs with a pinch of bicarb soda in a saucepan of water. Older eggs work better for this recipe as they will peel more easily. Cool the eggs by placing them in iced water, this will also prevent the yolk from turning grey in the centre, peel the eggs, place into a large jar. Pour over your cooled Turmeric vinegar making sure all the eggs are submerged. You can add extra vinegar or water if all your eggs aren't covered. Store in the fridge for 3 days to pick up the vibrant colour , then use within a week.

Enjoy sliced on salads, sandwiches, as a snack or part of a colourful nibbles plate.

Make the Dinosaur eggs at the same time and serve them together for a stunning egg dish.

Turmeric Eggs
Spread of food

*I use a raw organic sugar, you can use any sugar you like but keep in mind the darker the sugar, the more it will interfere with the final colour of the eggs.

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