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Coconut Yoghurt

Creamy luscious and simple, this is what I love about yoghurt but too often when you try and make it on coconut milk the list of ingredients doubles and it has a super long method. I ran a wholefood class about 4 years ago and I made this yoghurt up for the night, its been a staple ever since.

Now coconut milk behaves differently to dairy milk so it wont set upon standing, it needs to go into the fridge for that part, so before you stress out thinking it didn't work let it have a little nap to cool down and you'll be scooping out creamy goodness in the morning.


  • 1 litre of coconut milk/cream

  • 3 tsp gelatin or Agar Agar (dissovled)

  • 3 tbs yoghurt/Kefir or you can use the contents of 2 probiotic capsules (you can ask your naturopath for the right ones)

  • 1 tbs rapadura sugar (optional)


Heat coconut milk/cream in a saucepan to 80 degrees, or just before a gentle simmer.

Add your gelatin or Agar (I get mine from HERE) and sugar, if using, and mix well making sure all the crystals dissolve.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool to 37, body temp, so it shouldn't feel hot when you place your finger in it.

Now stir through your chosen starter culture, yoghurt, kefir or probiotic capsule.

Pour the yoghurt into a thermos or jar leave in a warm place for at least 5 hours (I wrap my container in a towel and put it in the sun for the day.

Cool in fridge overnight then its ready.

I re blend my yoghurt together again in a blender at this stage so it nice and smooth.

You can flavour the yoghurt with more sugar if desired or add vanilla, cacao, or berry syrup.

Hope you enjoy it.

xxx Jane

For Gelatin check out Changing Habits Gelatin - HERE

For probiotic capsules check out these ones - HERE

My favourite fermentation jars are HERE and they deliver

and if you want more recipe ideas then have you seen my Ebook ?

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