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Pineapple Tepache

Tepache is a natural soda made from the skins of pineapple, originally from Mexico this is an adapted version for you.

Pineapple Tepache

You can enjoy like this after just a few short days of brewing or keep it going to make a really sparkling drink or even pineapple scrap vinegar. Make sure you stir it twice a day to activate and awaken all the yeasts. 1 pineapple (organic if possible) 2L glass jar/bowl 2 cups sugar of choice Filtered/spring water (no chlorine) 1 tea towel or cloth 1 rubber band Cut the skin off the pineapple in large strips and place them into the jar. Pour over the sugar and fill to 2 inches below the top with water. Stir vigorously Cover with the cloth and band and sit on your bench for 5 days or longer. 1-2 times a day stir the contents really well - this part is really important so you harness the right bacteria. When it reaches that nice balance between sweet and savoury, bottle it and place in your refrigerator. Enjoy Xxxx Jane Wholefood Family

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