I've gone through a lot of Gelatin's in my time I find them essential for gut health its like a hug for your insides but not all gelatin is made the same and there are only a handful of places I choose to buy gelatin from.

My favourite is this one from Changing Habits, its gelling power is strong so I don't need a lot to make things like my coconut yoghurt or jellies for the kids or even caramelised marshmallows which means the packet stretches me and my dollar further as well.

Why do I use Zazen water filters for my family and my fermentation?

For me and all my fermentation I need to know my water is going to help promote life and the gentle bacterial balance that I am harnessing.
Zazen, after a lot of research, was the choice I made for me and my family.


I am now really excited to pass onto you this fantastic water system and if you use the code jwfwater at the checkout you'll get 10% off all your Zazen Water products.

Click on the photo for more info and don't forget your special code.


xxx Jane

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