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Hi there!


I'm Jane, a mum to 3 gorgeous energetic boys, a registered nurse and creator of Wholefood Family.​

We live in the beautiful beachside town of Newcastle NSW where we run an artisan fermented food and beverage company out of our purpose built facility lovingly called "The Kvassaria" . 

We started fermenting well over 10 years ago as we chased flavour profiles but it wasn't until our eldest son needed to do a deep Gut Healing protocol that fermentation took a serious place in out lives.

We are both science based learners and seek knowledge, facts and up to date information, we are also obsessed foodies who love food and the emotions it evokes when made with love and intention. Fermentation was such a foundational piece to our sons healing and there was a lot of conflicting information for people on the internet at that time. I started teaching small groups what we had learned, gathering together to pass the knowledge on and hoping their families would also benefit.

Organically my teaching became a business and my ferments became my products and were being requested by local shops and cafe's.

My passion is Beetroot Kvass, the more I researched and read about this tonic the more I wanted it in my life. It took me 3 years on constant R&D to make Kvass the way that I liked it, I am very flavour driven and wanted something as healthy as it is tasty.

Beetroot contains so many beneficial nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants but when you ferment it you unlock so much more, making Kvass this powerhouse...

Electrolyte replacement

lower blood presuure

helping diabetes through blood sugar regualtion

cancer prevention


digestive enzymes

oxygenation of cells

feeding the immune system

increasing exercise tolerance

decreasing muscle fatigue

improving B vitamins, iron, folate in the body

and that's not the half of it.

We use Lacto fermentation, a natural fermentation process that uses the lacto baccilus from the beetroot to create lactic acid and the key to our delicious sour, earthy tonic. We don't add starter cultures or sugar, we just let mother nature do what she does best. Our Kvass is  safe for those following a Gluten free, vegan, keto, paleo lifestyle, its safe for children right through to the elderly and is even recommended throughout chemotherapy treatment to supplement the effectiveness of the treatment.

From starting out helping my son I have have taught thousands of people to ferment safely at home, our ferments are sold throughout Australia and now overseas and we are 100% family run. We believe kvass has got benefits for everybody's body and  cant wait to hear how it helps you.


Want to start feeling amazing NOW?
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